We are specialized in restoration of classic Lamborghini tractors, certified by " Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini" as the only restoration company certified.


We restore these tractors as pieces of art, we carry out an high standard restoration with all orignal parts and colors to bring back these tractors to their glory.

In this video you can see how we work.


The tractors is fully disassembled for change the bearings, the seals and the gaskets for garantee that will not leak in the future.


All the broken parts are repaired or changed with new one rebuilt like the original and the tractor is prepared for sandblasting. After that painted with the original colors ( i found in an old paintshop the original Lamborghini formula for all the models ).


Brought it back to my workshop and reassembled it, drove it and tested and then is ready to be delivered all over the world

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+39 347 2542872

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